The TP-Teatern hosted the 4th TM of our Project in Stockholm, Sweden.

During this TM, all partners presented their activities so far, discussed the stage of the survey analysis and set the next steps for O4: Innovation Guide, O5: Course (HIPE) and O6: Pedagogical Theater.

Main topics of the official agenda:

Friday 27 of January

Project management
– Results of the expectations for TM4
– Situation about the GANTT chart
– Identification of gaps and risks
– Check-lists of TM3 : status
– Reports to be provided : status
– Round table with partners for feedback on the present situation

O3 – Comparative survey
– GANTT/timescales and link to project GANTT
– Survey 2 – Presentation of the first results
– Discussion between partners : what is missing? What is needed ?
– Update from all partners on their dissemination plan for survey 2 (partners to bring dissemination plans) – example is given by NAS dissemination plan as a guide
– Target groups – change? Completion?
– Social media : results collected from this medium
– Decisions and next steps

04 – Innovation guide
– GANTT/timescales and link to project GANTT
– First detected innovations
– Validation of categories and media – requirements from partners
– Dissemination issues

Workshop 1 – Valorization
Objective : update the valorisation activities
– Define the content of newsletter 1 (who? What? When?)
– Define a common material for events and conferences
– Prepare the awareness world week about autism
– Prepare the contact with Autism Europe and also with decision-makers (process and material)
– Define questions to enlarge the survey or at least to be sure to get the needed responses
– Indicators and criteria of impact
Workshop 2 – Transition phase
– Status about the relevance of the survey results and responses
– How and where to push the questionnaires?
– What are the actors impossible to forget/miss in this survey?
– Target groups : relevant? Sufficient? Completion is requested?
– How to involve decision-makers and to be efficient for the targeted end-users (young adults and their families)?
– Frame for the recommendations at the end of the project
– HIPE content : next steps
– Indicators and criteria of relevance and impact


Saturday 28 of January

Restitution of the workshops results
Debriefing – questions
Conclusions and next steps for each concerned intellectual output
Validation of the indicators and criteria

O1 – Website and BASECAMP
– GANTT/timescales and link to project GANTT
– What is required per partner – update
– Ideas and suggestions (eventual improvements or/and changes)
– Decisions and next steps

C1 – Sweden
– GANTT/timescales and link to project GANTT
– Evaluation : satisfaction
– TP transfer : workplan for follow up/coaching
– Requirements – questions

C2 – Lyon
– Satisfaction results
– Mobile units transfer : what are the next steps?
– What about the possibility to implement the mobile units in each country?

O5 – Course (HIPE)
– Debate about the content
– MOOC : techniques ? who do what and when?
– Decisions and next steps SAMO

Recap actions agreed (per coordinators of IO)
Next meeting