The FORO TECNICO DE FORMACION | FTF hosted the 3nd TM of our Project.

During this TM, all partners presented their activities so far, discussed the stage of the survey analysis  and decided the next steps for implementation and results.

Main topics of the official agenda:

Friday 9th September

Project overview
-Results of the expectations for TM3
-Results of the second interim report
-Situation about the GANTT chart
-Identification of gaps and risks
-Check-lists of TM2 : situation
Round table with partners for feedback on the present situation

Project management
-Changes to be done in relation with the second interim report especially financial matters
-Next report of end of September
-Discussion about the final report in order to anticipate
-Implementation report
-Decisions and next steps

O3 – Comparative survey
-GANTT/timescales and link to project GANTT
-Survey 1 – Results and discussions
-Survey 2 – Situation – discussion with partners about the questionnaire – proposal about delivery timescales
-Target groups – situation and validation
-Social media
-Decisions and next steps

C2 – Sweden
-GANTT/timescales and link to project GANTT
-TP transfer : workplan for follow up/coaching
-Validation of the participants – eventual questions

-Evaluation : expectations/satisfaction – certification

-Requirements – questions

O5 – Course (HIPE)

-Situation in relation with TM2 : first draft
-What each partner needs to do
-Decisions and next steps


Saturday 10th September 

Valorisation and dissemination
-SWOT : project one and national ones
-Situation about social media
-Valorization activities and tools- First Results
-Dissemination lists and strategy per country
-Identification of key events for the next months
-Sectorial/geographical impact in each country to be defined with quantitative/qualitative indicators
-Steering committees
Decisions and next steps

Workshop Valorisation
Objective : update of the valorisation activities
-Animation – moderation of the social media per country and of the general one
-Completion of national SWOTs – 1
-Target groups per country (searchers, decision-makers, professionals involved in transition phase, groups of young adults with autism)
Communication tools : What? Who? When?

O1 – Website and Platform
-GANTT/timescales and link to project GANTT
-What is required per partner – update
-Identify information needed from partners Social media – requirements/actions
-Ideas and suggestions (eventual improvements or/and changes)
Decisions and next steps

04 – Innovation guide
-GANTT/timescales and link to project GANTT
-First detected innovation
-Social media : what is requested and how
-WEB research for US and Canada
-Identification of what is required from which partner
Decisions and next steps