Important note: Innovations have been collected from a range of countries. Terminology used reflects the different words used to describe disabilities in those countries, and we recognise that this may be confusing or challenging.


Category Title Country Languages Description Link
Events The Autsim show UK english Welcome to the national event for autism, offering more information, help and advice on autism
Events AUTICMO conference ES english/Spanish The main objective of the conference is to bring together people from around the world related to the field of technology and autism to publicize existing resources around this area of ​​practice and real way.
official (Ministery of Health) network site area for accompanying staff FR french Site dedicated to the professional (school, profesional life…) faced with people with ASD
website ASD awareness FR french The site proposes a new interface with Topics: Occurred of the handicap/ the arrival of a child Family and entourage/ Daily life/ Right, /Health, rehabilitation/ Modes of guard/ Leisures and vacancies/ school and educational Course/ awareness tools
guide Autisme and intimidation, that’s no! Canada french video and concrete tools
website Nutrition FR french Food rigidities in the children living with a disorderof the spectrum of the autism (TSA) – Causes and tracks of solution
website Oral and dental health FR french taking care of your teeth: Video presentation of the project,
bank of pictograms, sequencing of brushing and dental examination, teaching Booklet intended to present brushing
teeth, containing the illustrated stages and a monitoring table of the progression of the child…)