Important note: Innovations have been collected from a range of countries. Terminology used reflects the different words used to describe disabilities in those countries, and we recognise that this may be confusing or challenging.


Category Title Country Languages Description Link
Video Alex Plank Speaks about Autism at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa US ENG How to Succeed with Autism

critically acclaimed documentary film about autism by an autistic film director.

Us ENG autism reality’ is a moving interview-based piece that shows a new and refreshing side of the issue.


Dylan is a 19 yr old boy with Autism Us ENG This is his explanation to a family friend what it means to him.


A teen with autism tells you what it’s really like US ENG I am sixteen and I have autism. No one can really understand what’s going on in our heads


Asperger’s, not what you think it is | Krister Palo US ENG Krister Palo is a 15-year-old student at the International School of the Hague

Early Signs of Autism Video Tutorial – Kennedy Krieger Institute

Us ENG The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), Centers for Disease Control, National Institutes of Health, autism advocacy groups and researchers have all drawn attention to the importance of the early detection of autism spectrum disorders


Family living with Autism: US ENG Matt and Navah are passionate advocates for families living with autism. In their blended family of six, three of their children are on the spectrum


Support for independent living ES Spanish Assisted home for autistic young people and training for social skills


Assisted home for autistic young people SP Spanish Assisted home for autistic young people and training for social skills


Pink Autism SP/ UK Sp/Eng European project for asd women.

Financial Capabilities Among Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder

US ENG Journal of Child and Family Studies May 2017, Volume 26, Issue 5, pp 1310–1317
Phone App Brain in Hand UK ENG Personalised tech app/phone support for people with autism, supporting coping strategies, anxiety prompts, through hand held technology and telephone mentor service; supports independence at home or college
IT resources  

HANDS (Helping Autistic Diagnosed Teenagers Navigating and Developing Socially)

UK, SE and others ENG Research into improving quality of life for teens – providing a mobile ICT toolset to support daily situations, improve social skills, and progress to independence; flexible learning tool customised to individual needs supported by family and educators
Training SocialEyes (NAS) UK ENG Social skills programme for young people with autism age 16+

Online information

Social Skills (NAS) UK ENG Information about developing social skills for adolescents and adults with autism

Online videos

Let’s Cook! Life Skills US ENG Teaching cooking skills to children and young people with autism


Exclusion Over by Minecraft FR/EUROPE ENG Train educators, technicians and youth workers in the use and application of Minecraft video game to foster better communication and social skills

Guide CNSA/Technical dossier: the autism spectrum disorders. Guide to support for the development of responses to the needs of people with ASD

FR FR Guide for professionnals who works with autism people. Page 57 to 84 : help for the needs assessment

Brochure, guide

Mon avenir? Je le prépare déjà à l’école BE FR Guide to destination people with disabilities in easy to read rights allocations, guidance, accompaniments, the life project, the logementun text


Spider autisme FR FR Android app in which are listed sites addressing the issue of autism.Initially, Spider autism is for people affected by autism (autism, parents and professionals).


habilooty FR FR Visual and sound help to complete tasks. Application designed to promote independence by cutting tasks into simple and Visual instructions, customizable


logiral FR FR video player adapted to slow down the image and sound
Application Watchelp USA 83 countr.  

WatcHelp – Autonomy at hand. WatcHelp is a connected watch that enables autonomy for children and people with cognitive disorders. WatcHelp will program a series of step by step tasks. The instructions come in the form of text, pictures or pictograms on a connected watch that vibrates to alert the users. They will respond in one click to instantly inform parents or professionals that they have received and followed the instructions.The application is customizable and adaptable to every situation and for every age
Website Site gouvernemental autisme FR French  

The official site for information on autism from the Government was presented by Ségolène Neuville, Secretary of State responsible for people with disabilities, Wednesday, November 30, 2016.Projected in the 3rd autism, there intended to inform the general public about autism and to improve general knowledge about this disability.

Online training tool

Managing Money (NAS) UK ENG Advice for people with autism on managing money, dealing with banking, cash machines, budgeting, debt etc.

Email and phone support

Welfare Rights Service (NAS) UK ENG Advice for people with autism on social security, benefit entitlement, claim forms, appeals etc.

Information pack, video, toolkit

Banking Made Clear (British Institute for Learning Disabilities and Barclays Bank) UK ENG Advice on banking, financial transactions and money management

Online information

Managing Money (NAS) UK ENG Managing money advice for people with autism, including benefits, financial advice and services