Important note: Innovations have been collected from a range of countries. Terminology used reflects the different words used to describe disabilities in those countries, and we recognise that this may be confusing or challenging.


Category Title Country Languages Description Link
Theatre/Education Theatre Training may boost skilles in kids with autism A new study suggests that theater training may have therapeutic value for children with autism
Guide Intervention guide: Asperger’s Syndrome and High School Autism FR FR Objectives: Promote better knowledge on Asperger syndrome and autism to high level. Help teachers and school carers by offering teaching strategies
Brochure, guide My future? I already prepare it at school Belgium FR Guide to destination people with disabilities in easy to read rights allocations, guidance, accompaniments, the life project, the logementun text
Education Social inclusion in school and the transition to a workplace for people in the autism spectrum: Theoretical issues and educational interventions Greece GR Book on Issues such as Educational Interventions for the Inclusion of Autistic People in School and Workplaces, Autistic Spectrum and Educational Integration, and Disability Policy and Educational Integration.
Education Educational Material and Special Educational and Training Software developed within co-funded projects or other actions for Autistic students Greece GR Advanced Curriculums for Autistic Learners, Educational Software for Autistic People, Educational – Educational Material for Professionals Supporting Persons with Autism
Education Educational Material for Autism Greece GR Electronic Program – Material
Good Practices – Autism
Exemplary Teaching – Autism
Education Program of Studies and Curriculums of Special Vocational Education and Training Laboratories Greece GR The Pedagogical Institute has developed a Framework and New Analytical Studies Programs. This effort was made to harmonize the curricula of general education with new information and knowledge, multiculturalism and recognizing the special educational needs of students. The development of the Special Needs Education Program includes 6 classes of disabled students: a) with heavy and moderate mental retardation, b) with hearing problems, c) with vision problems, d) with motor disabilities, e) with autism, g) with multiple disabilities. For each of the above 6 categories of special needs, specific Curriculums were developed or appropriate adaptations of the general training program were developed according to the specific needs of each category.
Online Information Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation Greece GR Non-profit running education programmes, including mental health and autism
Online Information Autism-Asperger Hellas – Praxis Greece GR Adolescence discussion group  as part of online communication hub for professionals and parents; social network with over 300+ members;
Project-health Estia Greece GR Vocational training centre for people with intellectual disabilities – provides supported employment, social skills training; food production workshops produce goods for sale and centre
Project-health Theotokos Greece GR Pre-vocational training for age 14-20 with autism and/or intellectual disabilities; improve skills, communication and independence leading to integration and autonomous work