Important note: Innovations have been collected from a range of countries. Terminology used reflects the different words used to describe disabilities in those countries, and we recognise that this may be confusing or challenging.


Category Title Country Languages Description Link
Puppetry The doll Julia SE Eng The serie Sesame street (US)- Increase knowledge about Autism
Theatre Autism- Friendly performances Eng Eng Theatre- Friendly perfomances- Paper Mill Playhouse
Article AMA- Journal of ethnics-Illuminating the art of medicine US Eng Autism, art and accessibility to theatre
Article AMA- Journal of ethnics-Illuminating the art of medicine US Eng Artwork by people with autism
Video Different titles- multiple videos US Eng What my family wants you to know about autism
Article Creating Autism-Friendly Theater Experiences For Children US Eng Creating Autism-Friendly Theater Experiences For Children
Article Children with autism training theatre to increase their social skills SE SE Face recognition- group execises- communication.
Article Filmmaking “do the hard part easy” SE SE Children making movies together with the teachers- to prevent conflict/s
Article Facts about asperger SE SE The book includes 15 short episodes with examples and tip how to prevent and handle situation/s
Videos World-Renowned Artist with Autism and Mom Give Inspiring TED Talk US Eng Tim Sharp is an Australian artist and the creator of superhero Laser Beak Man. doctors advised his mother Judy to institutionalize him.
Video Derek Paravicini and Adam Ockelford: In the key of genius US Eng Derek Paravicini is blind and has severe autism. But with perfect pitch, innate talent and a lot of practice, he became a concert pianist by the age of 10.
Website Derek Paravicini- homepage Eng Eng He plays entirely by ear, and has a repertoire of many thousands of pieces. Derek Paravicini is blind and has severe autism
Cinema Moscow inaugurates cinema for people with autism RU SE-RU Moscow inaugurates cinema for people with autism, The staff is educated in the autstic field, It’s the sound and the light that is the major technical difference. Advertising is also gone, and the exits open, so you have the possibility to come and go as you want.
Drawing- pictures/paintings Art and autism – Creative School of Bros School. SE SE To create interactive works that students could return to and interact with
Article Boosting Social Skills in Autistic Kids With Drama US Eng Schools are exploring new ways to teach children the rules of informal interactions
Article/video Autism-friendly performances Eng Eng There will be a relaxed attitude to movement in and out of the auditorium and there will be some designated chill-out areas available.
Article- Information Autism- A Guide for theatres Eng Eng A visit to the theatre or museum can be an exciting. Here is a short guide on how school staff can make the experience more comfortable and rewarding for a student with autism.
Article- Theatre A Midsummer Night’s Dream Eng Eng Relaxed performances differ in a number of ways. The show itself is adjusted for its audience: lighting states softened, loud noises lowered.
Article- Theatre- Social skills Fantastic benefits of theatre therapy for people with autism ? Eng There are many social skills that theatre continually develops, from the first acting game to the final performance: learning how to make and keep eye contact, taking turns in speech (dialogue), and making friends, etc.
Theatre Autism Theatre Initiative US Eng Making Theatre Accessible to Individuals with Autism
Theatre/video Autism-Friendly Mary Poppins on Broadway US Eng Behind the scenes of Theatre Development Fund’s Autism Theatre Initiative
Theatre/Article Making Theatre Autism-Friendly US Eng Reduced sounds, brighter lights, and an opportunity to learn about the show ahead of time make plays a more pleasant experience for those with autism
Theatre/articlce The Curious Incidence of Theatre on the Autism Spectrum US Eng How do we engage with community members who may not feel welcome at the theatre?
Theatre/Education Theatre Training may boost skilles in kids with autism Eng A new study suggests that theater training may have therapeutic value for children with autism
Cinema Guide to autism friendly screenings for cinemas UK Eng Guide for cinemas for how to run autism-friendly perfomances of films
Theatre workshop Hunter Heartbeat Theatre UK Eng Exploring Shakespeare’s theatre with children with autism