Important note: Innovations have been collected from a range of countries. Terminology used reflects the different words used to describe disabilities in those countries, and we recognise that this may be confusing or challenging.


Category Title Country Languages Description Link
guide Autisme and intimidation, that’s no! Canada french video and concrete tools
website ASD awareness France french web site
digital application Let’s discover our emotion France french digital application
report behavior trouble 1/2/3 France french official french “good practices recommandation”
thesis neuro visual disorder’s assesment for children with TSA France french research paper: speech-language pathologist certificate
information platform nutrition France french Food rigidities in the children living with a disorderof the spectrum of the autism (TSA) – Causes and tracks of solution
TV broadcast last ascientific research about TSA Switzerland french There are new information concerning the causes, prevalence, the number of implied genes, as well as the definition and the accompaniement of ASD
comic ASD, what’s that? Canada french sensibilisation comic
research paper Behavioral problems at the children and teenagersin situation of handicap mental and/or ASD: Which strategies forwhich answers? France french Behavioral problems at the children and teenagersin situation of handicap mental and/or ASD: Which strategies forwhich answers?
digital application voice meter France french
scientific publication Daily living pain assessment in children with autism:Exploratory study. The application “Voice Meter Pro” helps thechildren reached of disorders of the autisticspectrum to supervise the volume of their ownvoice in an amusing way
Book The behaviors challenges:  analyze, understand and treat Belgium french The work of Emerson and Einfeld constitutes a digest of current knowledge regardingacute behavior trouble (behavior-challenges)
Radio broadcast Autism: which origins, which treatments France french Autism: which origins, which treatments
Scientific release Understand ASD France french Understand ASD
book Neuro-developmental disorders France french neuro-developmental disorders are present as of early childhood. In 10 syntheticfactsheet, this work takes stock ofthese disorders
website official french Health Ministery website about ASD France french the purpose of this site is to inform the public onthe autism and to improve general knowledge onthis handicap
website francophone organisation of women with ASD France french to give and enlarge visibility to women/girls living with ASD
website France french To understand the sensory signals of your child: to be in reality, to be simple, be sensory
Website A sensory life UK english wide ressources linked to sensory trouble faced by people with ASD