A group of professionals from each country will have the opportunity to come in Lyon to visit the mobile unit in APAJH38 which has been selected as an innovative project by the Health authorities. This visit will be organized as an observation, exchange of practices and experiences and will be the opportunity to explore the potential to transfer these services into the partners’ countries. After this visit (5 days) professionals will have the opportunity to trial the provision in their countries and will prepare a report about this initiatives efficacy in their country. As this experience is novel the implementation will be on-going. There are 40 places available for participants and this has increased from previous excursions which was limited to 6 places..

Training and exchanges
Exchanges between professionals about their organisation, training path, experience existing partnership on a territory – roles of each organisation – existing networks and meetings with some of them (mission and coordination in relation of mobile units) presentation of public which is followed by the unit mobile – situation in each country and possibilities – specificities of the teenagers and of transition phase field experience – meeting with beneficiaries (if they accept) at home or in other services – profiles of the present beneficiaries and specific training organized by APAJH38 for enhanced expertise (specific sensitivity of a person with autism, ergonomic and psychological, how to imagine a day of an autistic person, briefing and return of experience between all the professionals – action plan to define the conditions of such experimentation in their own country in relation with the French model.

Number of participants: 16

Duration (days): 5

All participants to the training events will write their CV in the form of EUROPASS and a specific rubric will be dedicated to this process in the social web (with a link to the EUROPASS resource) and also be included in the Innovation Guide as this approach is of high added value for the teenagers with autism.

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