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For more than 15 years has TP-Theatre developed and performed three ”CPT” Cultural Pedagogical Tools focusing on the main target group/s from its very beginning. It is three unique theatre pedagogical tools allowing every participant to make their opinion heard. “IFT” Interactive Form Theatre, “IDT” Interactive Design Theatre and “ISW” Interactive Script Writing.

The core and essence of CPT is to make the audience an active and decisive role in the performance based on the target group/s experience, thoughts, questioning, own capacity and range of participation. CPT identifies situations, subjects for its use to develop skills in the context of the projects main theme. The results when using CPT are tangible and intangible, the syllogisms and synergies resulting from the theatre performances accentuate the topic/s taken up in the play/s.

People learn in different way/s that are most of the times connected to their own background, therefore the CPT is used to make a wider range of understanding both within and outside the society. CPT is also used as a form of teaching and training process that could be used in all kinds of subjects. With the target group/s opinions in the main subject are the audience/target group/s the “Directors” using the actors/tresses as the tool/s to find different angles and ways of solution/s. These pedagogical tools encourage the target group/s to have a right to decide, have an opinion, a solution, participate in discussion/s, sharing thoughts, asking questions etc to decide about the scenario script in the subject and decide between different solution/s etc.

It can be used in every subject/theme such as: Drugs/bullying/language learning/ honorable violence/ the elderly situation/ drop outs form school/s/ family violence/trafficking/child abuse/racism etc. Comparing to traditional “Forum Theatre” where the audience has to expose themselves on stage if they have an opinion, there is two things we avoid in CPT.

First: Very sensitive subjects like: Bullying, family violence, racism, incest, honorable violence etc CPT do not allow the audience to expose themselves on stage. The audience sits in their place and give an opinion about the scenario and “Directing” the actors/ tresses. In this way we do not expose anyone.

Second: In traditional Forum Theatre, the ones who dares speak out of their opinion enters the stage. This means we are losing a lot of valuable opinions from the audience that won’t dare to enter the stage.

To avoid this, when the actors encounters a problem in some difficult situation on stage, the actors stop the acting and ask the audience for their help and opinions in the particular scene. In this way we increase the audience participation. TP-Theatre is a NGO with a close cooperation with the local authorities, schools other ngo´s etc. For every project we employs actors/tresses, director, scriptwriter etc. We working with every group of age children, youths, adults and elderly people.

CPT can be used as an educational tool for personal development in any kind of subjects. Our upcoming aim is to educate pro or/and amateurs/children, youths and adults in the CPT within base of knowledge, group dynamics, pedagogical appearances and action potential.

The documentation tool we always aim for in project/s, is to have a high quality of documentation in the video format (HD) High Definition. To have a high quality of documentation makes it more interesting for the viewer/ project partners and the beneficiaries that takes part of the project.