les-papillons-blancs-de-dunkerqueOur organisation was founded in 1961, originating from a meeting of parents concerned with the challenges their children experienced, and in search of knowledge and possible solutions. The association deals with the support of a broad spectrum of conditions and disabilities including learning disabilities (and other co occurring conditions), Multi disabilities, people with autism, some of whom suffer with anxiety and social isolation. The association competence is included in the medico-social filed, combining education, training, inclusion and medical care.

The association is strongly concerned with the capacity to enable all service users to reach their individual potential while promoting collaboration between all parties including stakeholders, families and the individual. The aim is to accompany the person in the process of integration and development of autonomy in the community.

Since 3 years we accompany young persons with autism, and in fact the different teachers think not to have enough tolls to do a good work.