FTF works since 1999 statewide to develop training plans for public, private and nonprofit sector services and care facilities for dependent people organizations. We adapt the technical and pedagogical training development to the professionalization of the sector to the characteristics of the services to the institution, to the home, to the service chain for social care alarms, to the needs the group for attending: elderly, disabled, chronic diseases, mental health, etc.

foro_logoWe develop also CONSULTING PROJECT in SPECIFIC TECHNICAL ISSUES IN THE FIELD OF SOCIAL SERVICES from health care ethics at optimizing resource management in organizations, to reduce sick leave in professionals, etc … .; STUDIES AND RESEARCH help us in the future in developing training plans of our clients and conveniently presented in the specific events of the reference sector and CONFERENCES, SEMINARS AND TECHNICAL PRESENTATIONS both belonging to the organizations themselves for we work. FTF company’s philosophy professionalization and training through continuing and vocational training. To achieve our goal, not only have excellent expert teachers, but also with the tools to identify training needs, which lead to the development of a training plan, organization and / or teaching, administrative and financial management, well until the evaluation of satisfaction and quality of the action and even the impact on the workplace. Here are the strengths of FTF as an applicant for this project: 1. First, we highlight the FTF experience as a trainer and manager of company credits FTFE (Tripartite Foundation for Training and Employment) throughout the national territory since 1999 and therefore we endorse the confidence that both national employers and regional operators as large dependence nationally Us sector.

In 2014 we managed statewide courses 1393 21006 students from 14 different types of model projects in 87 training plans for 1042 companies con1863 workplaces. Such generic courses by 44% and 66% specific in attendance modalities 63% mixed: 26% Teleformacion: 8% below 3% and 82% students are women and 75% of low-skilled and 15% come from immigration. 2.Can is important, the quality system to ISO 9001: 2008 and EN 66181 Quality Management of virtual training FORUM has implemented and is not just a tool of control and quality level FTF offers their services, but adapts to the demands that the Tripartite Foundation provides for actions that are processed by the protocol. 3.FTFF has a self MANAGEMENT SYSTEM optimizing control using a tool of administrative work FTF has designed and used for all development and control of Training, scheduled in MS ACCESS 2010 and designating a team for each of our projects, this team is composed primarily of technical professionals industry benchmark (DUE, social work, physiotherapy, social education, psychology, gerontology and disability) who know the reality of the group of users of the centers and develop services and programs as always from the detection of training needs from the upgrade of services, professionals and of course own organizations. This team also develops teaching coordination tasks, managing over 1,000 industry experts in educational coordination tasks, teaching and mentoring, training plans assigned by type of service and territoriality and tasks concerning those in charge of training our customers.

Currently our efforts is very focused on the certification of professionals since 2015 ends the deadline set by the DEPENDENCE CARE NATIONAL SYSTEM for companies to have their workers specially certified as caregivers, why FTF is a. Accredited by the Public State Employment Service for the following certificates of professionalism Center: No. census: 26829 SSCS0208 Social healthcare for dependent people care at institution. No. census: 27565 SSSCS0108: Social healthcare for dependent people care at home.. b. Virtual Classroom accredited by the Public State Employment Service for the following professional certificates: SSCS0208 Social healthcare for dependent people care at institution.

No. 80/00000026. c. Centre authorized by the Ministry of Social Affairs of the Community of Madrid for the certification course ADDRESS SERVICE CENTERS and TERM CARE. Course recognized as a university expert by Colegio Universitario Cardenal Cisneros (Univ. Complutense). 5. In addition to actively participate in the commission of training of ACOFESAL (Association of consultants and trainers in Spain on food security) and in the group of European relations of ANCCP (National Association of Professional Certification Centers). In addition FTF providing 4 members at 4 subcommittees are working AENOR UNE 158 Services for the promotion of personal autonomy and for people in situations of dependency.

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